• Toxic Chemicals in Air and Materials: Free Application Guides to Simplify and Enhance Measurement


Toxic Chemicals in Air and Materials: Free Application Guides to Simplify and Enhance Measurement

Oct 17 2006

Markes International Ltd has just published a series of four free-of-charge practical application guide booklets showing how thermal desorption (TD) can benefit real-world GC(MS) applications. With background information, sample chromatograms and typical TD-GC conditions, the booklets are broken into four specific fields of interest:

I. Environmental Air Monitoring and Occupational Health & Safety
II. Residual Volatiles & Materials Emissions Testing
III. Defence and Forensic applications
IV. Food, Flavour, Fragrance & Odour Profiling

"To our knowledge there are no other publications like these in circulation" said Elizabeth Woolfenden, Director of Markes International. "These application guides will be an invaluable source of information to GC(MS) users, whatever their field of interest. We've tried to look at these applications in a new way from the user's perspective. If we were an environmental or occupational hygiene service provider - what would we want to know? If we were in industrial quality control what would be important to us? Similarly for researchers / regulators / government scientists; these new guides will make a real practical contribution to simplifying and advancing GC(MS) methods." said Woolfenden.

Markes International Ltd. is one of the world's leading suppliers of thermal desorption equipment for monitoring trace toxic and odorous chemicals in air, gas and materials. Markes products include on- and off-line TD instrumentation and a wide range of sampling accessories for air and materials.

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