• High Concentration Arizona Pesticide Standard Kit


High Concentration Arizona Pesticide Standard Kit

Apr 13 2023

Restek introduces their Arizona pesticide certified reference material (CRM) kit, now featuring 58 compounds, each carefully calibrated to align with the variable state compound action limits. This CRM kit is designed to simplify your calibration requirements by providing concentrations that are 100 times the action limit for each component when the four ampuls are combined. This allows for analytical flexibility in constructing calibration curves and spiking sample matrices, ensuring accurate and reliable results in your pesticide analysis.

Restek offers a convenient solution for Arizona cannabis testing in with their single kit formulated specifically to meet the state's regulations. The kit includes a four-mix set carefully designed for maximum stability, ensuring accurate calibration standards for your analytical needs. Restek takes quality control seriously, with two independently produced lots available from their ISO-accredited labs, providing reliable and consistent results for your testing requirements. 

Choose Restek for the consumables, chromatographic conditions, and troubleshooting help your cannabis analysis needs.

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