• New Chromatography Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Applications
    Chromatography equipment from Sartorius ensures optimum efficiency of development and manufacturing processes.


New Chromatography Solutions for Biopharmaceutical Applications

Aug 02 2022

Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies are facing major challenges today: rising costs in drug production as well as lower production volumes due to unpredictable demand. Sartorius has taken these requirements into account from the very beginning when developing its chromatography equipment to ensure optimum efficiency of development and manufacturing processes.

High-performance and low-pressure chromatography equipment that can be seamlessly integrated into any process due to their modularity and adaptability are the latest additions to the Sartorius chromatography portfolio.

Designed for the purification of peptides, oligonucleotides, insulin and other small molecules, Hipersep® Flowdrive is a preparative HPLC platform offering sophisticated, easy-to-use equipment with a unique, compact design controlled by the Hipersep® SC software. Hipersep® Prochrom HPLC chromatography columns meet high design standards, ensuring efficiency and scalability. Learn how to scale your purification process from analytical-sized columns to production-sized columns with Hipersep® Flowdrive Pilot in the application note on cannabinoid purification and scale-up.

Sartorius' low-pressure chromatography portfolio offers highly reliable and robust solutions designed for all stages and scales of operation. Resolute® Prochrom (columns), Resolute® Flowdrive Atex (batch systems) and Resolute® BioSC Platform (multi-column systems) are ideal for biopharmaceutical applications such as insulin, vaccines, viruses, mAbs, blood/plasma fractions and tides.

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