• Enhanced 7-angle MALS detector with unmatched versatility


Enhanced 7-angle MALS detector with unmatched versatility

Jun 02 2023

Streamline your molecular weight determination with the BI-MwA Detector

Testa Analytical's BI-MwA Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) detector surpasses all other light scattering systems in terms of its exceptional performance-to-price ratio. This cutting-edge detector provides the most cost-effective solution for accurately determining molecular weight.

Look no further for quick and accurate determination of absolute molecular weights of polysaccharides, proteins, peptides, and their aggregates by HPLC or uHPLC.

Empower your GPC/SEC system with the Bi-MwA, a powerful tool that significantly enhances its capabilities. Experience precise and accurate determination of molecular weights for polymers and nanomaterials in solution.

Compact in design, the novel vertical flow path of the BI-MwA eliminates the issue of trapped bubbles commonly found in horizontal light scattering systems. With a flow cell free of sharp corners and featuring conical shapes, the BI-MwA ensures effortless flushing of previously analysed samples, thereby eliminating the risk of contamination from prior samples.

Using this MALS detector allows you to eliminate the need for time-consuming column calibration and improve your data quality.  Designed for ease of use, the BI-MwA detector incorporates advanced features to tackle even the most complex light scattering research applications.

Achieving accurate molecular weight determination is made effortless with the BI-MwA MALS detector. The user-friendly process involves simply injecting your sample into the low-volume, 7-angle flow cell. A temperature-stabilised, precision power-controlled diode laser illuminates the sample, while a stable, high-sensitivity, low-noise CCD detector automatically collects the scattered light. Through advanced software algorithms, the collected data is extrapolated to zero angle, facilitating precise absolute molecular weight determination.

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