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Cleanroom solutions for particle-free environments

Jun 24 2024

SPETEC® cleanroom cell

Cleanroom technology can be used in the manufacture, storage of dust-sensitive mechanical and electronic components, packaging and wherever a particle-free environment is needed.

Spetec has extended its cleanroom offering to encompass three different cleanroom concepts. It is possible to implement solutions for the whole range of requirements, from inexpensive installations right up to top-class cleanrooms compliant with the GMP guidelines for the pharmaceuticals industry.

The cell itself is enclosed by an odourless plastic strip curtain or side panels made from acrylic or laminated glass or aluminium sandwich panels, resulting in a self-contained unit. Other optional features are also available, such as electric sliding doors or airlocks for material or personnel, which can be fitted with a mutual locking system if required.

The effective cleanroom area anywhere between 3 m² and around 350 m² can be varied by combining individual laminar flow modules of different sizes. It is even possible to integrate assembly lines or conveyors in the cleanroom cell.

The SPETEC® cleanroom cell uses H14 filters. These have a filtration efficiency of 99.995%. The filter captures at least 99.995% of all particles of a size of 0.12 μm (as per MPPS). The filtration efficiency is approx. 99.9995% for particles with a size of 0.3 μm. This laminar airflow below the flow modules means that there is no crossover with dirty air from the outside.

Using a SPETEC® cleanroom cell can, for example, reduce the particle concentration from approx. 15 million/m3 (at a size of 0.12 μm, MPPS) to approx. 1,500 particles within the unit. This corresponds to the cleanroom class 5 as per DIN ISO 5 or class 100 as per US Federal Standard 209E.

It is also possible to meet the requirements of ISO classes 6 through 9 (DIN ISO 14644-1) and classes A through D of the GMP standard. Depending on the precise requirements, SPETEC® cleanroom cells can be adapted to meet the customers’ needs.

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