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Experience the Clinical Evolution

Jan 09 2012

The new range of Nikon upright clinical microscopes have evolved to meet the demand for ergonomic, eco-friendly
and easy-to-use imaging systems. Offering world-class optics, long-life LED illumination, motorisation and simple
one-touch operation for microscope control and image capture, the versatile Eclipse Ci and Ni upright microscopes
are ideal for all clinical microscopy needs.

The Eclipse Ci series comprises the top of the range motorised Ci-E model, perfect for all applications, the  ecofriendly manual Ci-L with LED illumination and basic halogen Ci-S model. The Ci series provides full image
control via the new DS-L3 camera control unit, superb ergonomics including control buttons on the side of
microscope for ease and comfort, as well as a nosepiece spacer to match personal posture. Enhanced features also
include an LED pointer for the teaching head, wear and scratch resistant ceramic and dry-film surface stages and a
small footprint.

Ideal for applications that require frequent magnification switching, the Ci-E is equipped with six position motorised
nosepiece switching and automatic intensity adjustment, as well as eco-friendly LED illumination. A nosepiece rotating switch automatically changes the objective lens during observation through the eyepiece, the motorised swing-out condenser and LED intensity are automatically switched according to the objective lens in use.

The Ci-L features high-intensity and uniform evolved LED illumination. Combining collimator lens and fly-eye optics
with LED provides a uniformly bright field of view, even at the periphery and high magnifications. Bright enough for
phase contrast or simple polarising microscopy, its long lifecycle reduces running costs and lamp replacement.
In addition to the impressive Ci range, Nikon has launched the Eclipse Ni-U – a consultant grade clinical upright
microscope based on the world renowned Eclipse Ti concept, offering ultimate imaging versatility with maximum specimen information. The flexibility provided by motorisation and multi-mode operation via extendable infinity space, as well as improved ergonomics provides access to all major imaging techniques and observation methods.

A comprehensive range of accessories, such as epifluorescence attachment, sensitive colour polarising accessories and a wide range of high quality objective lenses, augment the improved features to fully meet all clinical requirements.

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