• Be Cool with Orange Nitrile™ Gloves!


Be Cool with Orange Nitrile™ Gloves!

Dec 10 2007

SHIELDskinâ„¢ ORANGE NITRILEâ„¢ disposable gloves from Shield Scientific promise you a new experience in glove technology. Imagine a latex-free nitrile glove with the elasticity and tactile sensitivity never experienced before in a synthetic glove. This has been achieved through proprietary Skin Nitrileâ„¢ technology, assuring you of a skin-like sensation. Combine all this with the extra length (26cm/10.3\" and 30 cm/12\"), to meet the new requirement for minimum liquid proof length in gloves offering protection against chemicals and micro-organisms. For those seeking maximum protection from biohazards, then this is provided by having the highest possible rating (level 3 with AQL of less than 0.65) according to EN374-2: 2003.

If all this was not enough, the colour ORANGE NITRILEâ„¢ guarantees you and your colleagues maximum visibility in the workplace.