• Angels back signature POC disease detection platform
    Co-founders Margot Karlikow and Guillaume Horreard (Credit: Hubert Raguet PC'UP ESPCI)

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Angels back signature POC disease detection platform

Jun 12 2024

French deeptech start-up En Carta Diagnostics, developing rapid Point-of-Care (POC) molecular diagnostics kits, has received  pre-seed investment funding of €1.5M ($1.63M) that will drive its aims in achieving preclinical data on a prototype diagnostic kit for its flagship indication, the debilitating Lyme disease, while ensuring ability to scale industrially. The funding round was led by CentraleSupélec Venture with participation from a handful of high-profile business angels.

Incorporated in cassette format its POC diagnostic platform, underpinned by more than ten years of intensive research originally developed by researchers from Harvard Wyss Institute, the Pasteur Institute and the engineering school Centrale Paris, uses aptamers capable of binding with high affinity and specificity to a predetermined target, creating  ‘signatures’ for detection of any genetic, pathogenic or veterinary indication.

Lyme disease has reportedly escalated to being the most prevalent vector-borne disease in the Northern Hemisphere – with 1.2M cases recorded annually. The rate is increasing alarmingly at 22.5% per year from 2000 to 2018 according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) the national public health agency of the United States.

“En Carta is absolutely thrilled to have secured financial backing from CentraleSupélec Venture and business angels, who have deep expertise in healthcare and a solid understanding of Point-of-Care market needs,” said Guillaume Horreard, CEO at En Carta. “We have a very robust platform technology leveraged for accuracy, speed and cost, which are key in the Point-of-Care space. As a first step, we are focusing on Lyme disease, where the sizeable patient population, accelerated growth of the problem and need for rapid diagnosis following a tick bite make our product indispensable.”  

The company expects to present preclinical data in early 2025.

Founded in 2022, and incubated at Paris Biotech Santé, PC’UP and 50 Partners Santé, it has published proof of concept on pathogens including Zika, chikungunya, malaria, Ebola and typhoid, secured a commercial contract and collaborates with an extensive network of research institutes in Latin America.    

Legal advisor for En Carta Diagnostics: Jade Ruscev, Stamina Law

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