• Competition winner aims to transform cell culture space
    Jade Pellet, CSO and co-founder Alt Biotech

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Competition winner aims to transform cell culture space

Apr 02 2024

Bringing a fresh approach to the cell culture market, Alt Biotech has been chosen as a winner of the 'Integra supports start-ups’ competition, receiving 12 EVOLVE manual pipettes and $1000 worth of GRIPTIPS® pipette tips to help develop its potentially game-changing technologies.

Founded to address the issues of high costs and ethical considerations around the use of animal-based growth factors commonly used to promote cell development and proliferation, the company has developed a novel bioproduction method to produce growth factors, cytokines and hormones necessary for efficient and scalable production.

Dr Jade Pellet, CSO and co-founder of Alt Biotech, said: “Our aim is to contribute towards innovation in the cell culture space, helping to propel game-changing solutions like cell therapies and cellular agriculture into the mainstream. Our proprietary process relies on a new, more sustainable and scalable bioproduction method, combined with a microorganism that produces protein at a higher rate than E. coli alternatives.”  

“The EVOLVE manual pipettes we received from Integra have allowed us to set aside dedicated equipment for each of our development workflows, eliminating any chance of cross contamination. The multichannel units have proved to be particularly valuable, helping us to minimise repetitive tasks, increase throughput, reduce well-to-well variation and expand our experimental batch sizes.

“In addition, the ECO rack GRIPTIPS are a much more sustainable solution than the temperamental alternatives we were previously using, simply snapping into place and putting an end to the constant inconvenience of poorly fitting tips. Winning the ‘Integra supports start-ups’ competition has given our workflows a much-needed efficiency boost, allowing us to streamline the development processes that will ultimately provide the cell culture industry with affordable growth factors, cytokines and hormones,“ Dr Pellet added.

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