• ELISA Line Workflow Solutions


ELISA Line Workflow Solutions

Oct 12 2021

The Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) is a commonly used analytical assay in various laboratories. ELISA method is a widely used as a diagnostic tool in different laboratories.

Because the ELISA can be performed to evaluate either the presence of antigen or the presence of antibody in a sample, it is a useful tool for determining serum antibody concentrations (such as with the viral or bacterial infections). It has also found applications in the food industry in detecting potential food allergens, such as milk, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and eggs and as serological blood test for coeliac disease. ELISA can also be used in toxicology as a rapid presumptive screen for certain classes of drugs. There are many ELISA tests for particular molecules that use the matching antibodies - Direct, Sandwich, Competitive, Reverse etc. The ELISA technique essentially requires any ligating reagent that can be immobilised on the solid phase (e.g. microtitre plates) along with a detection reagent that will bind specifically and use an enzyme to generate a colour signal that can be properly quantified.

Biosan have created a full range of necessary devices with patented and unique features required for the reliable and reproducible results. Pipettes - fully autoclavable and UV-resistant, plate washers - 96 well compatible, 3-d movement with much more efficient liquid removing, aspirators - significant suction speed and space saving, agitators - cost effective and wide selection, and thermo-shakers - patented double sided heating for elimination of precipitation formation. All this allows proper sample preparation.

For the detection - HiPo MPP-96 plate reader with easy-to-use, fully functional QuantAssay software for result analysis and report generation. Biosan devices are widely recognised by leading ELISA reagent and equipment manufacturers.

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