• Speciality Glassware Manufacturer Expands Product Portfolio


Speciality Glassware Manufacturer Expands Product Portfolio

May 17 2017

Borosil is the leading manufacturer of speciality glassware in India. For over 50 years, Borosil has been supplying a wide array of laboratory products from speciality low expansion borosilicate glass. Glass products like analytical vials, bottles, quartz ware besides other laboratory equipment like distillation units, digestors, Liquid Handling, stirrers and mixers.

Borosil’s Volumetric glasswares are precisely calibrated and meet DIN, ISO and ASTM standards. The calibration premises includes a state of the art NABL accredited (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) facility.

The brand name LABQUEST is derived out of Borosil’s appreciation and recognition of the awesome work that is done by chemists in laboratories.

Borosil have always worked in close connect with their customers. In fact, most products in the portfolio have evolved after inputs from the actual users of products. This year Borosil are delighted to introduce exciting products in various product groups.

In Equipment:

  • Multi vortexer
  • Disc rotators
  • Tube rotators
  • High throughput centrifuge
  • High volume magnetic stirrers
  • Shakers