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Glassco Volumetric Glassware Decoded Glass

Jan 06 2016

Glassco has recently launched its QR coded volumetric flasks both in ASTM, ISO and ASTM standards. This is available in individual certified volumetric flasks and batch certified volumetric flasks. All the volumetric flasks are made from ASTM E 438 TYPE 1 CLASS A BORO 3.3 GLASS which is chemically inert and thermal shock resistant. All Volumetric wares are calibrated exceeding the demands of applicable standards. As all the manufacturers normally include the batch/individual certificate in the pack and many a times it is lost while using the glassware, the only option left to you is to either contact the manufacturer or to make a grinding effort to go on the manufacturers website locate the applicable link and download the certificate. To make it more convenient for you, now with the GLASSCO QR coded volumetric flasks all you have to do is to scan the QR CODE from your mobiles with QR code scanner (NeoReader) and it will not only give you certificate of calibration (individual /batch) but will also give you information of certificate of compliance and the products user manual.

Some key features of Glassco volumetric flask glassware are :

  • All glassware from Glassco exceeds the requirements of ISO/DIN and ASTM/USP norms in shapes, strength, material and calibration.
  • Also sometimes unnoticed is the fact that the Glassco volumetric flasks have proper base and controlled calibration mark levels for higher stability in handling.
  • Volumetric flasks from Glassco are made from Borosilicate 3.3 low expansion glass from European manufacturers. This ensures higher resistance to wear/tear in use and exposure to processes in your laboratory.
  • All volumetric glassware comes with key information like CERTIFICATE OF CALIBRATION (BATCH / INDIVIDUAL), CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE  and USER MANUAL.
  • Volumetric flasks now are available with the QR CODE. Now you can download all the information of the product on your mobile from a simple app.
  • The volumetric flasks are available in blue/white enamel printing and diffused amber stain suiting to different laboratory requirements. All colours including enamels are tested for curing and adhesion.
  • Customised volumetric ware can be provided if you want the name of your lab or any other information printed on the glassware (for bulk requirements).
  • Volumetric flasks are available with a choice of four kind of stoppers (GLASS, POLYETHYLENE, HDPE  and PTFE).
  • The volumetric flasks now also come with neck sizes, narrow and wide with different stopper sizes both in narrow and wide mouth you can choose as per your application.

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