• Analytically clean glassware with Miele Professional machines


Analytically clean glassware with Miele Professional machines

Jan 21 2017

In environments where rigorous cleanliness is essential, such as laboratories, it is important to invest in equipment that can give flawless and clinically clean results every time. Machines that boast fast cycle times are also crucial in a busy laboratory setting, as they are more economical and efficient to run.

Miele Professional is a global leader in laboratory glasswashers and all of the brand’s machines have been tested to the highest standards to ensure safe, efficient and cost-effective cleaning. They offer flexible cleaning solutions for laboratories of all sizes, as well as a variety of accessories which complement individual requirements.

The new Miele Professional PG85 series sets new standards for performance in laboratory glasswashers. The machines provide increased capacity and speed with larger cabinet dimensions and fast 18 and 28 minute wash cycles. The models also offer greater flexibility, with baskets to accommodate a wide range of load combinations, as well as two levels to hold a variety of narrow-necked glassware, commonly used in laboratories.

These glasswashers lead the market for energy and water efficiency and need to be replaced less often than other brands, minimising environmental impact, running and disposal costs.

One establishment which has benefited from the new generation of glasswashers is Peter Symonds College, a well-established sixth form college in Winchester. With around 4,000 students, it is one of the largest colleges in the country and is particularly renowned for its impressive science centre.

The college had a 27-year-old Miele Professional Glasswasher which could no longer keep up with the heavy demand of the science centre, after enduring the rigours of an ultra-busy lab for so many years. So in January 2016, Jessica Hanney, the Senior Science Technician, decided it was time to invest in the latest equipment from the same reliable brand.

She consulted with The Scientific Instrument Centre (SiC), the Miele Professional partner who had provided the college’s original machine 27 years previously, on the right equipment for the college. After a detailed assessment of the laboratory’s requirements, Jessica decided to invest in a machine from Miele Professional’s new PG range of laboratory glasswashers.

Commenting on the new machine, Jessica said: “Our previous Miele Professional machine served us well for so many years, so there was no question about which brand we would choose for our updated model. The new product means that our turn-around time for cleaning the glassware is much shorter, making our job as technicians so much easier. We can now provide the best service to our students looking to learn about science.

“I would definitely recommend Miele Professional and The SiC. The investment means we are guaranteed a reliable product that produces the best results with fast cycle times, which is exactly what we need in a busy laboratory.”

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