• Advanced solution for component protection

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Advanced solution for component protection

Jul 20 2023

Acrylic Desiccators from Plas Labs provide a breakthrough solution designed to protect critical materials, research specimens, and sensitive electronic components from contamination. These advanced desiccators offer unparalleled protection, convenience, and visibility, transforming the storage and transportation of valuable assets.

The Acrylic Desiccators are meticulously engineered to create a dust and moisture-free environment, ensuring the integrity and longevity of stored components. By employing a slight positive N2 charge, these units effectively prevent moisture penetration, extending the lifespan of valuable components. The amber-coloured units (CGA) provide exceptional protection against harmful UV rays for light-sensitive materials.

Featuring stackable and non-slip ‘grip tight’ feet, Acrylic Desiccators offer space-saving storage with stability. The standardised construction allows for easy shelf interchangeability, optimising organisation and space utilisation. Perforated slots on each shelf enable optimum gas circulation, ensuring a uniform protective atmosphere within the desiccator.

To enhance structural integrity, desiccators with multiple cubicles have a built-in divider, providing added strength for stored materials. Constructed with optically clear ‘jewelled’ acrylic, these units offer excellent visibility without compromising durability.

Convenience is paramount. Slip-apart hinges and spring-loaded sealing clamps ensure easy and secure access. A built-in hygrometer (Rh) gauge enables precise humidity monitoring for optimal storage conditions. The desiccators also feature ‘door guards’ to prevent warping and internal atmosphere loss.

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