• Bench-top physiological oxygen incubator and workstation


Bench-top physiological oxygen incubator and workstation

Dec 01 2021

The HypoxyLab is a unique, bench-top incubator and workstation that maintains a physiological oxygen environment for cell culture that is faithful to the in vivo cellular oxygen state.

Cells react in different ways both metabolically and morphologically, depending on the environmental factors maintaining and interacting with them.

In tissue culture, faithfully reproducing the in vivo cell environment is vital for accurate analysis of both cell metabolism and cell function.

It is commonly accepted that cells in vivo experience oxygen concentrations in the range of 5 – 80 mmHg (approx. 0.5 – 10% oxygen), depending on the tissue type. Yet the vast majority of cell biology research is performed in incubators in which cells are exposed to atmospheric oxygen levels (circa 21%), a 'hyperoxic' state for most cell types. In other words, the oxygen concentration typically encountered by cells in traditional incubators is at least twice that experienced in living tissues.

Culturing cells in such oxygen-rich environments can have profound implications on cell metabolism and signalling pathways. For instance, the hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) pathways clearly illustrate the importance of environment oxygen in cellular metabolism.

By delivering an environment that offers precise and continuous control of oxygen concentration, as well as of CO2, temperature, and humidity, the HypoxyLab delivers a powerful solution to research and industry looking to reproduce true, physiological conditions in cell-based research.

It does so in a uniquely compact form factor intended for use on a typical laboratory bench, without compromising on the essentials such as ease of use, contamination control and gas consumption.

Meanwhile, it is the partial pressure of oxygen, not merely the % oxygen concentration that cells in culture actually ‘see’. HypoxyLab adopts this fundamental scientific principle and controls the chamber environment using the partial pressure of oxygen (pO2) expressed directly in SI units of mmHg or kPa. Since the partial pressure of oxygen varies with laboratory elevation (i.e., altitude) and with prevailing atmospheric pressure (i.e., weather patterns), this scientifically rigorous approach substantially enhances performance and accuracy relative to other hypoxia chambers.

The HypoxyLab boasts a rapidly growing community of satisfied users, a unique set of key benefits and an expanding citation record in peer reviewed journal articles.  

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