• New incubators offer precise control for cell culture applications


New incubators offer precise control for cell culture applications

Jun 25 2024

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces the Thermo Scientific™ IntelliStack™ Incubator and CO2 Incubator Shakers to offer accurate, adjustable, and reproducible growth conditions for mammalian, bacterial, and yeast cultures. This fully integrated shaking solution is user-friendly, featuring an intuitive touchscreen display, a large 5-litre capacity, and precise control over conditions to enhance efficiency and ensure sample security.

With the rising need for CO2-gassing incubator shakers to support emerging automated cell therapy production processes, the IntelliStack Incubator and CO2 Incubator Shakers are stackable systems that can be arranged in various combinations to suit different lab requirements. These systems work with various vessel types and can be easily implemented and updated as lab demands evolve. They are compatible with up to three CO2, non-CO2, 25mm orbit, and 50mm orbit shakers, allowing researchers to precisely control the sample environment.

“CO2 incubators that maintain accurate growth conditions and combat contamination of cultures are vital to labs across the life sciences industry. The demand for this type of innovation is increasing across academic, biotech, and biopharma segments globally,” said Thomas Doerdelmann, Vice President and General Manager, Growth, Protection, and Separation at Thermo Fisher. “We are excited to help solve our customers’ pain points and provide an easy-to-use, reliable, and customisable solution so they can continue their groundbreaking research.”

The IntelliStack Incubator and CO2 Incubator Shakers feature a high-quality, 10-inch colour touchscreen user interface to improve user experience. They provide control over revolutions per minute, time, temperature, CO2 gas, and humidity to ensure accurate and reproducible conditions, with easy-to-clean surfaces reducing the risk of contamination. With a capacity of up to 5 litres, these incubators help labs meet processing volume demands, and their customisable arrangement allows for easy adjustment based on workflow requirements. The solution is easily programmable, includes data logs and alert controls, and features an access port for smooth setup and operation, thereby increasing efficiency. Additionally, the reliable motor and quiet operation help reduce noise associated with CO2-gassing shakers.

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