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Free Sequence Scanner Software

Feb 13 2006

Applied Biosystems Sequence Scanner Software allows users to view, edit, print and export sequence data generated using Applied Biosystems genetic analysers. The software generates graphical quality reports that focus attention towards failed samples and make data analysis quicker and easier.

The new software, available free of charge, displays thumbnail traces that give a good overview of large amounts of data and help identify obvious anomalies. These versatile thumbnails provide both multiple sample comparisons and individual peak views, while the uniform Y-axis scale option highlights differences in signal strength. The simultaneous display of analysed and raw data means that low quality bases generated by dye blobs, spikes or off scale peaks can be quickly compared. Sequences can also be edited and trimmed using this display mode. Files can be exported from Sequence Scanner Software in a number of files formats including jpeg and pdf files, either individually or in batch mode, for the convenient transfer of trace data.

The built-in features of Sequence Scanner Software provide easy navigation of overall data analysis and side-by-side in-depth troubleshooting using hyperlinks to move from trace data to graphical results.

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