• Ground-breaking AI tool to accelerate drug discovery
    Dr Chris Foley.

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Ground-breaking AI tool to accelerate drug discovery

Mar 21 2024

bioXcelerate, the new health data science division of Optima Partners Ltd, unveils PleioGraph, a ground-breaking AI tool poised to accelerate the process of identifying and developing new drugs. This innovative technology has the capability to analyse intricate medical data at speeds 100 times faster than current state-of-the-art methods used in detecting biological networks crucial for understanding disease risk and facilitating drug discovery.

Powered by bioXcelerate's proprietary machine learning algorithms, PleioGraph swiftly sifts through vast biological datasets to assist drug developers in pinpointing the genetic colocalization of genes, proteins, and cells implicated in disease progression. By providing rapid and precise insights into disease mechanisms, PleioGraph streamlines the drug development pipeline, expediting the delivery of improved treatments and medications.

Outperforming conventional approaches, PleioGraph offers substantial cost savings and dramatically reduces the time patients must wait for enhanced therapeutic options. Through collaborations with leading pharmaceutical entities, PleioGraph has demonstrated processing speeds between 75 and 100 times faster than industry standards, slashing time-to-insight from months to mere hours.

Founded by academics from leading UK universities such as Cambridge, Edinburgh, Imperial College, and Oxford, bioXcelerate endeavours to bridge the gap between academia and the pharmaceutical sector, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship aimed at enhancing health outcomes and societal well-being.

Dr Chris Foley, Chief Scientist and Managing Director at bioXcelerate, remarked: "The escalating volume of available data is surpassing our analytical capabilities. While vital patterns underlying disease mechanisms lie within our expanding data repositories, AI technologies capable of swiftly and accurately unveiling these patterns are in short supply. At bioXcelerate, we offer a solution to surmount these challenges. Leveraging our academic expertise and extensive knowledge in health data science, PleioGraph represents a ground-breaking tool poised to turbocharge early-phase drug discovery and ultimately enhance patient outcomes."

Dr Heiko Runz, scientific partner at Optima, added: "The escalating costs and high failure rates associated with drug development have prolonged and intensified the process of bringing new treatments to market. By enhancing efficiencies in drug discovery, we aim to expedite the emergence of novel therapeutics that positively impact patients' lives and reach them more rapidly."

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