• Selecting laboratory software: how to maximize your lab’s potential

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Selecting laboratory software: how to maximize your lab’s potential

Apr 30 2024

As consumers, there is a tendency to acquire products based on their features, aiming to address the symptoms encountered. This approach often influences business decisions as well. However, when addressing laboratory challenges, it is essential to begin by comprehensively grasping the problem that needs to be solved and the opportunities to be harnessed. For each desired feature, encountered issue, or identified opportunity, understanding its significance refines the perception of what a modern, future-proof solution for laboratories look alike.

Feature-led purchasing limits the laboratory’s potential

When laboratories choose software products, concentrating solely on addressing urgent issues like staff shortages or intricate workflows might lead them to purchase solutions for those specific problems. However, this approach could cause them to overlook a wider array of challenges and potential opportunities.

While feature-led purchasing tends to address known issues and fulfil identified requirements, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee the comprehensive benefits one might anticipate. Moreover, considering the long-term perspective, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) have made significant advancements. Laboratories across various sectors now face expanded requirements, and there’s a heightened awareness of the critical role that testing, data integrity, and analytics play in addressing global health and safety challenges. The question that remains: How can we simultaneously address today’s problems while proactively anticipating tomorrow’s needs?

Selecting a software solution

When selecting laboratory software, it’s common to seek out familiar and specific functionalities like an electronic logbook or inventory manager. However, these features should play a supporting role rather than taking main stage. Clinisys prioritizes understanding the daily challenges faced by laboratory management – and based on these insights, a cohesive set of capabilities is tailored. Clinisys data-centric approach to developing a laboratory software solution makes it possible for organizations to acquire industry-specific software designed to address underlying business challenges, supported with a range of tools and features to meet their needs.

Future-proofing the LIMS investment

At Clinisys, we prioritize understanding laboratory challenges and build software solutions to help address them. Clinisys Laboratory Solution™ is built upon Clinisys Platform™, a modern and versatile architecture and data model for SaaS laboratory informatics. The flexible and scalable nature of Clinisys industry-specific solutions support various sectors, giving customers confidence that they are investing in software that remains relevant over time, adapts to growth, and innovates in response to evolving market demands.

Discover how Clinisys Laboratory Solution can help you maximize your lab’s potential.

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