• AI-enhanced drug design software enters early access program

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AI-enhanced drug design software enters early access program

Jan 17 2024

DeepMirror, a University of Cambridge spin-out, introduces its Early Access Programme for intuitive design software dedicated to discovering innovative therapeutic drugs. Following a successful closed beta program, the software enables chemists to incorporate AI, enhancing productivity and creativity in therapeutic drug discovery.

This ground-breaking product offers users AI-driven insights to refine and expedite molecular design across the drug discovery pipeline. The secure and user-friendly interface simplifies AI-powered drug discovery, making it as intuitive as using a spreadsheet.

Traditionally, AI-enabled drug discovery collaborations involve extensive coordination between pharmaceutical and AI companies, resulting in prolonged waiting times and resource-intensive efforts on both ends. DeepMirror addresses this challenge by empowering R&D teams to conduct AI-driven research independently, with seamless workflow integration and without the need for external collaborations or significant internal developments.

DeepMirror's mission is to accelerate the drug discovery process, particularly in Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimisation phases. The software predicts crucial properties such as drug binding, (bio-)activity, and toxicity, leveraging user data and proprietary curated databases. Laboratory results further refine predictions, generating novel drug candidates for experimentation and potentially expediting the drug discovery process by up to four times, as estimated by the Wellcome Trust and the Boston Consulting Group.

Dr Max Jakobs, Co-Founder and CEO of DeepMirror, stated: "Our mission is to make AI-powered drug design as simple as browsing the web. After 12 months of development and a successful beta testing programme, we are inviting researchers to use our secure and user-friendly AI platform for drug design. DeepMirror has already proven instrumental in active drug discovery programs, leading to the discovery of novel lead series and inspiring the synthesis of new compounds."

Dr Andrew McTeague, Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry at Morphic Therapeutic, , said: "DeepMirror is a huge step forward in the democratization of machine learning models and their application in drug discovery. Its user-friendly interface enables medicinal chemists of all levels to deploy this powerful approach in a fraction of the time. The ability to apply DeepMirror’s platform to any desired endpoint empowers its users to make more informed decisions faster, improving the efficiency of our DMTA cycles."

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