• Advanced Chemistry Functionality added to E-WorkBook 9.4

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Advanced Chemistry Functionality added to E-WorkBook 9.4

Jan 20 2014

IDBS has added advanced Chemistry functionality to E-WorkBook 9.4 including key data visualisation and data analysis capabilities. The new release includes chemical drawing and representation for organometallic structures. Users can now capture a wider variety of molecular types and streamline chemistry data input. Chemists are given access to vital experimental information to progress research. It also provides a customisable chemical data lookup functionality which speeds up collaboration and data retrieval from external repositories.

IDBS’ latest version supports direct addition of data to experiments at point-of-use to help save valuable time and avoid duplicating work. Removing the need to copy and paste information across data libraries safeguards accuracy by reducing potential for error. Improved reaction stoichiometry workflows also offer increased data analysis capabilities in fewer clicks.

“Chemists need a platform which helps manage significant volumes of experimental data and enables them to access and strategically use all available information. This advances research and development (R&D) and chemists can make decisions faster, without being slowed down by paper and technology limitations,” said Scott Weiss, Director of Product Strategy at IDBS. “These enhancements reflect E-WorkBook 9.4 Suite’s flexibility to meet specific domain needs as well as moving beyond the typical ELN paper replacement tool.”

E-WorkBook 9.4 also delivers enriched PDF lifecycle and task flow capabilities which enable users to generate PDF content online and sign work digitally. The optimised task flow functionalities ensure efficient reporting and, importantly, IP protection, applicable across all domains. These features deliver a functionality rich browser-based solution in combination with the 9.4 enhanced web client.

IDBS’ E-WorkBook Suite is a single platform solution with a range of flexible applications for data and sample management, analysis, reporting and IP retention. Suitable for small or large organisations, it can be deployed quickly, is easy to use and has a proven track record of robust performance. 

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