• LabVantage Solutions Introduces Digital Native Ecosystem for R&D Success

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LabVantage Solutions Introduces Digital Native Ecosystem for R&D Success

Feb 06 2024

With solutions to decrease redundant experiments, improve design of experiments, derive greater insights from data, and automate laboratory workflows, LabVantage Solutions equips R&D labs for success in innovation. Introducing a digital native ecosystem for R&D, LabVantage addresses researchers’ needs in three broad categories of semantic search, analytics, and automation.

LabVantage combines its semantic search, advanced analytics, and LIMS capabilities in an integrated, digitally native ecosystem capable of seamlessly supporting R&D laboratory processes. When these capabilities work in harmony, labs can see dramatic improvements in their efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and decision-making.  


LabVantage’s semantic search tool AILANI™ allows scientists to search enterprise and external data to find scientifically relevant and contextualized data to inform research. For example, AILANI searches historical data for related experiments already performed or results for a certain compound, eliminating repetitive experimentation or pursuit of ill-suited candidates. The data can also inform better design of experiments.

AILANI enables researchers to screen and compare products based on virtually any criteria across comprehensive literature searches, saving incalculable time in the research process and improving decision-making, such as go/no-go decisions.


LabVantage Analytics adds advanced analytics capabilities to the digital native R&D ecosystem. With integrated AI, machine learning, and business intelligence tools, researchers can quickly analyze enormous quantities of valuable data from internal and external sources, including data surfaced by AILANI.

User-friendly self-service features, including customizable dashboards and visualizations, help researchers leverage advanced analytics for maximum insights. Introducing analytics into the R&D life cycle can thus improve decision-making and increase the speed and accuracy of the R&D process, giving organizations a competitive advantage.


A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) forms the foundation of the LabVantage platform, allowing for end-to-end, automated data workflows that save R&D teams time and frustration.

The LIMS serves as a powerful tool for data management, fueling the advanced analytics and semantic search to streamline the process of creating new products or extending their life cycle. Automating the laboratory workflow helps to eliminate mistakes in manual processes and record-keeping, ensuring accuracy, speed, and repeatability.

LabVantage LIMS also speeds laboratory processes by automating tasks and reducing manual errors, such as through barcode scanning, instrument integration, and data validation. With LIMS, data retrieval is a simple task; labs can find sample history, test results, and associated metadata quickly, and third-party integrations enable easy data exchange.

Leverage technology for R&D success

As hotbeds of innovation, laboratories drive organizational growth. Yet they are too often not equipped with the most modern software technologies to foster improved collaboration and decision-making, reuse of existing data, and real-time analyses that improve lab performance and speed product innovation. LabVantage’s digital native ecosystem delivers the search, analytics, and automation capabilities needed for lab-driven innovations.

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