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Comet Assay IV Scores a Winner

Dec 20 2005

Perceptive Instruments Ltd has launched Comet Assay IV an interactive video-based software system that measures the DNA damage detected using single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE). Using a high-definition video camera attached to a microscope, Comet Assay IV provides real-time cell scoring by transferring a live video image to a computer screen with no time lag.

The comet assay is now one of the standard methods of assessing DNA damage, and uses fluorescent microscopy to examine this at the single cell level in a wide range of applications. These include genotoxicity testing, ecotoxicology, clinical diagnostics, food processing and nutrition, mechanistic research, and health and safety testing. Perceptive Instruments' comet assay scoring system is the latest in a highly successful series that has evolved over the past twelve years.

Comet Assay IV's innovative ?Click and Score' automatic scoring mode allows all measurement parameters to be immediately calculated and recorded with a single click on the comet head. Click and Score saves operator time and labour, increases laboratory productivity and significantly improves the reproducibility of results. All subjectivity is eliminated from the scoring process as there are no adjustable settings to configure, and the software compensates for slides with uneven backgrounds or varying levels of brightness to ensure comparable results even when highly damaged ?hedgehog' comets are present.

Easy to install, extremely flexible in use and built on proven technology, Comet Assay IV can be incorporated into existing experimental protocols to accommodate current working practices. Data can be saved to Microsoft Excel or to an Oracle database if additional security is required in regulated environments. An optional Data Extractor program allows authorised users to examine and retrieve all data for use with the standard Spreadsheet Generator macro or any custom or third party data processing and reporting tools.

Powerful auditing and security features make Comet Assay IV fully compliant with OECD Good Laboratory Practice standards. It has been comprehensively tested and validated in accordance with stringent ISO 9001:2000 and TickIT approved testing procedures. An optional User Administration program provides compliance with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 final rule on electronic records and electronic signatures.

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