• WinLims Rental Solution Sees Tax Man Pay for your LIMS

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WinLims Rental Solution Sees Tax Man Pay for your LIMS

Apr 05 2010

Quality Systems International (QSI) is urging businesses to view the Tax Man as a benevolent friend when it comes to investing in a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to improve their efficiency. QSI offers an innovative no risk rental payment option, WinLims Rental, which has been developed to give organisations a tax efficient option for investing in WinLims, one of the top three global commercial LIMS solutions.

“If your company is making profits and paying corporation tax, you can offset the rental fees for your LIMS, which will reduce your tax burden by the amount of the fees,” explained Clive Collier, QSI’s Managing Director. “This
means your LIMS is paid for by the government and effectively costs your company nothing. Organisations should do themselves a favour and make a New Year’s resolution to embrace the Tax Man as a friend by using
rental payments to invest in a new LIMS. It really is one of those rare opportunities when your business can actually learn to love the tax system.”

Collier continued: “WinLIMS Rental’s minimal upfront costs and small monthly payments all help conserve your working capital, which can then be used for other business needs. For example, bank interest can be generated from the capital saved by using our rental scheme.” The return on investment for a capital LIMS purchase is typically two to three years. However, the short time required to go live with WinLIMS Rental, together with its low monthly fees, means that the return on investment using the rental option can be as little as three months.

“Once the return on investment point has been reached, the business efficiencies and savings will be covering the monthly rental fees from that point onwards which means that WinLims will then be paying for itself,” explained Collier. “WinLims version upgrades are included within the monthly fee, greatly reducing the ongoing costs: whereas most LIMS vendors charge a significant amount for upgrades, your system will have continued improvement free of charge”. The WinLims Rental scheme also offers organisations a great degree of business flexibility because they do not need to commit to rent for any fixed period and if, after any period of time, they wish to stop using the product, then all they need to do is cease the monthly fee payments.

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