• Combining cost reduction and safety in fume cupboard technology

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Combining cost reduction and safety in fume cupboard technology

May 01 2024

Laboratories serve as crucial hubs for scientific research and experimentation, necessitating a safe and controlled working environment. Fume cupboards play a pivotal role in ensuring safety by maximising protection within limited research spaces. Köttermann has introduced the EcoPlus low-energy fume cupboard, aiming to enhance operational efficiency while prioritising sustainability.

Energy consumption in laboratories is a significant concern, with research spaces consuming nearly half of the total energy despite occupying only a fraction of the space. A substantial portion of this energy expenditure, approximately 44%, is attributed to ventilation systems, heavily influenced by fume cupboards. These enclosed workspaces are vital for handling volatile organic compounds, acids, and solvents safely.

However, traditional fume cupboards draw conditioned air from the laboratory, leading to high energy consumption and associated costs. Therefore, there is a critical need to address both ecological and economic implications when designing fume cupboards.

One of the primary objectives in fume cupboard development is to reduce air consumption while maintaining optimal safety standards. Exhaust air control systems play a crucial role in achieving this objective by adjusting exhaust air flow based on the fume cupboard's sash position. Köttermann's EcoPlus fume cupboard employs advanced exhaust air control technology, allowing for a significant reduction in energy consumption without compromising safety.

The EcoPlus fume cupboard incorporates a unique flow technology that minimises air volume flow while meeting stringent safety requirements. This innovative design not only enhances safety but also significantly reduces operating costs. With a recommended exhaust air volume flow that is approximately 30% less than standard fume cupboards, the EcoPlus offers substantial energy savings.

In addition to energy efficiency, the material composition of laboratory furniture plays a crucial role in ensuring occupational safety. Köttermann's steel furniture, renowned for its durability and recyclability, offers a sustainable solution for laboratory environments.

In summary, fume cupboard technology serves as a cornerstone of laboratory safety and sustainability. By integrating advanced features such as exhaust air control systems and innovative flow technology, Köttermann's EcoPlus fume cupboard sets a new standard for cost-effective and eco-friendly laboratory solutions.

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