• Innovative clean bench advances laminar flow technology

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Innovative clean bench advances laminar flow technology

Mar 21 2024

The Nexus Horizontal Clean Bench from Labconco Corporation is a ground-breaking addition to its product line-up and the first of its kind to incorporate complete onboard intelligence. This innovative laminar flow workstation sets a new benchmark in the industry, providing unparalleled protection against contamination for non-hazardous samples and processes.

Representing a significant leap forward in clean bench technology, the Nexus offers a host of features that are unmatched in the market. It is driven by the Nexus OS, a powerful and user-friendly operating system featuring a 5” touchscreen display. This interface provides clear system information, facilitates data logging and traceability, and allows for ethernet connectivity and user customisation, enhancing the overall user experience. Moreover, it establishes an ISO Class 4 clean air working environment, safeguarding the integrity of sensitive samples and processes.

Nexus clean benches utilise efficient ECM blowers regulated by Labconco’s exclusive Constant Airflow Profile (CAP™) technology. This ensures consistent airflow, even as the HEPA filter loads, providing unmatched precision and performance in laminar flow. Additionally, the ECM blower operates quietly and consumes minimal energy, making it an environmentally friendly choice with minimal impact on the lab or cleanroom environment.

Elizabeth Dille, PhD, Labconco’s Product Manager of Biosafety Products, emphasised the significance of the Nexus in advancing laminar flow technology for sterile compounding and laboratory sample manipulation. She highlighted the Nexus's unique CAP technology, user-friendly interface, and disinfection-focused construction, setting a new standard for laminar airflow workstations and ensuring total protection for contamination-sensitive processes.

Constructed with durable materials such as stainless steel, the Nexus is designed for easy disinfection, both inside and out, ensuring optimal cleanliness and reducing the risk of cross-contamination in critical environments. Tailored to meet the stringent demands of pharmaceutical sites, sterile compounding pharmacies, and life science applications, the Nexus combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional reliability. With its reliable protection, intelligent interface, and efficient laminar airflow, the Nexus emerges as the ultimate solution for clean and sterile applications.

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