• Revolutionising laboratory safety: Innovative hybrid fume cupboard unveiled at Lab Innovations

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Revolutionising laboratory safety: Innovative hybrid fume cupboard unveiled at Lab Innovations

Nov 10 2023

Monmouth Scientific launch the new Circulaire® 

Monmouth Scientific proudly unveiled its ground-breaking Circulaire® Hybrid Fume Cupboard at Lab Innovations, introducing an innovative solution that combines the latest environmentally responsible clean air technologies with the reliability of traditional fume cupboards. 

Smart technology for safer lab environments

This revolutionary hybrid fume cupboard makes a substantial impact on laboratory safety and sustainability by reducing both exhaust air volume and energy consumption compared to conventional fume cupboards. It introduces a controlled airflow pattern within the workspace, drawing inflow air through the front aperture. The contaminated air combines with the inflow air, effectively isolating and capturing harmful substances.

From inflow to clean air

The Circulaire® Hybrid Fume Cupboard employs advanced filtration, passing the air mixture through high-efficiency Activated Carbon/HEPA filters. This process ensures the effective removal of contaminants, leaving the air clean and safe. Following filtration, the cleaned air is divided, with 60% recirculated into the working chamber for user safety, and the remaining 40% is exhausted, contaminant-free, to the outside atmosphere.

Eco-friendly approach

This sustainable technology significantly reduces energy consumption, leading to lower operational costs and minimised resource usage. Its reduced exhaust air volume aligns perfectly with environmentally responsible laboratory practices, contributing to a greener future.

Monmouth Scientific's commitment to sustainable recirculating technology is evident in the Circulaire® Hybrid Fume Cupboard. This advanced solution sets new standards for safety in laboratory facilities, ensuring enhanced user protection. Discover how this revolutionary solution can transform laboratory facilities into safer, more sustainable, and cost-effective environments.

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