• Reducing liquid handling errors with precision pipetting solutions


Reducing liquid handling errors with precision pipetting solutions

Feb 09 2024

Integra Biosciences offers a comprehensive range of liquid handling tools, empowering scientists globally to improve workflow accuracy. The company provides manual, electronic, and fully automated pipettes, strategically designed to tackle the many pipetting challenges faced by lab technicians daily. This diverse range contributes to enhanced data reliability and increased throughput across various applications.

Pipetting errors can have a profound impact, often underestimated in their significance. Common pitfalls include neglecting temperature fluctuations, inconsistent manual techniques, ill-fitting tips, inappropriate volume ranges, overlooking sample viscosity or volatility, and neglecting the initial and final dispenses during repeat dispensing.

Precision in methods, coupled with the right tools, proves invaluable in overcoming these challenges. Maintaining a consistent pipetting angle, not deviating beyond 20 degrees from the vertical, is crucial to minimise inconsistencies that may impact result reliability. Integra’s ergonomic pipettes, such as EVOLVE, VIAFLO, or VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes, facilitate ease and comfort in sustaining consistent pipetting angles, enhancing overall reproducibility. Alternatively, the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot, MINI 96 portable electronic pipette, and VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 platforms ensure complete vertical alignment of pipette tips, further refining consistency.

For additional insights on avoiding common pipetting errors, explore tips and tricks on the Integra Biosciences website.

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