• Achieve Unmatched Pipette Calibration Accuracy with METTLER TOLEDO


Achieve Unmatched Pipette Calibration Accuracy with METTLER TOLEDO

Oct 31 2023

Ensuring accurate and consistent pipette calibration is critical for achieving reliable scientific research and meeting industry compliance standards. METTLER TOLEDO provides a suite of Liquid Handling Calibration Devices (LHCD), including the XPR105MCP Multichannel Pipette Calibration Balance, along with software and calibration services to optimise your pipette performance and eliminate risks associated with faulty measurements.

Greifensee, Switzerland – November, 2023 – One of the universal challenges in scientific labs today is maintaining consistent pipette performance for accurate and reproducible results. According to internal studies, up to 35% of pipettes sent for calibration are found to be out-of-specification. These pipettes can introduce errors that affect the integrity of scientific data, lead to unreliable findings, and jeopardise compliance with industry and regulatory standards.

Are you struggling with inconsistent data that may be due to your pipettes? Tired of lengthy calibration processes? Skeptical about your pipettes’ performance in between calibrations?

Our LHCD solutions are designed to meet your laboratory’s calibration challenges. Whether you’re working with single-channel or multichannel pipettes, our specialised calibration devices can streamline your calibration processes, enhance your data reliability, and ensure that you are always in line with industry standards. High-performance balances designed for pipette calibration, including the XPR105MCP (for multichannel pipettes) and the XPR26PC (for single-channel pipettes), give you fast, ergonomic, and reliable pipette verification and calibration. When paired with our Calibry PC software, you can be confident all users are performing pipette calibration correctly and on schedule.

You’ve planned your experiments meticulously—don’t leave your results to chance!

Learn more about Pipette Calibration Using a Balance.

For more information about multichannel pipette calibration, see the XPR105MCP product page.

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