• Precision repeat dispensing at your fingertips


Precision repeat dispensing at your fingertips

Apr 17 2024

The Socorex Stepper™ is a compact and reliable instrument intended for serial dispensing within volumes from 10 to 5000 µL. Associated with only three Ecostep™ positive displacement syringes, it provides a broad choice of 53 different volumes, and up to 73 aliquots per filling.

Its unique four-finger activation eliminates thumb fatigue. This enables smooth monitoring of each step, whatever the pipetting speed.

There are three interchangeable setting knobs, bearing volumes and corresponding number of aliquots. Volume selection is easy and quick, with a clear reading of the adjustment chosen. The colour codes on both syringes and setting knobs eliminate any risk of wrong use. A graduation on the syringe helps monitoring liquid content. If remaining liquid in the syringe is smaller than the selected aliquot volume, the built-in self-locking mechanism stops distribution to prevent false delivery.

Unlimited applications

Stepper™ offers a great flexibility in use, fitting well in many laboratories performing repeat dispensing tasks such as screening procedures, dividing samples in small portions, or dispensing reagents in vials. And the very fine syringe tip end facilitates distribution in narrow tubes.

The positive displacement Ecostep™ syringes avoid any direct liquid contact with instrument, thus limiting contamination with chemicals such as acids, bases and solvents. Syringes are also efficient for the distribution of foaming liquids as well as viscous and high-density reagents.

The Stepper™ repeater pipette has a very long lifespan, well matching with today’s concern to limit impact on the environment. There is no battery to change, nor electronic parts to recycle. For further details check the website or contact your closest Socorex distributor.

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