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Parallel Evaporator and Lyophiliser

Mar 19 2007

The Activotec Evaporator from Activotec is a simple to use, low cost parallel evaporator and lyophiliser developed in collaboration with Novo Nordisk A/S .

Designed to be small and light enough to be safely used in conjunction with any rotary evaporator or vacuum pump fitted with a cold trap the Activotec Evaporator offers a productive means of simultaneously evaporating or lyophilising solvent from multiple glass vials.

The Activotec Evaporator transforms an ordinary rotary evaporator or vacuum pump with cold trap into a productive tool that can evaporate up to 33 samples simultaneously. Simple to set up and use the Activotec evaporator accommodates a wide range of laboratory vial sizes (4, 7.4, 20, 22 and 40ml.) to suit your application. Using standard vials for evaporation enables direct transfer of samples from an Activotec PLS synthesiser or other cleavage module to the Activotec evaporator, eliminating the need for liquid transfer and with it the potential for introducing contamination. Each Activotec evaporator vial incorporates a novel filter through which all solvent has to evaporate thereby minimising the possibility of sample loss or cross-contamination.
The Activotec evaporator is manufactured from a Teflon composite material chosen for its robustness, chemical resistivity and high thermal conductivity. When the unit is immersed in a hot water bath it responds quickly to reach an equilibrium temperature. The Activotec Evaporator can safely remove a wide range of solvents from high boiling point liquids such as toluene or dimethyl formamide (DMF) to very volatile liquids such as dichloromethane or trifluoroacetic acid (TFA).

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