• The Future of Automation Assembly

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The Future of Automation Assembly

Apr 05 2006

AGR Automation Ltd have showcased a new machine which is set to revolutionise the automation assembly industry at a medical device show held in Birmingham, UK.

The PLM Modular Platform device is essentially a high tech ?shell' which can be easily reconfigured to suit a number of operations and to serve different industries. Traditionally most machines built for automation assembly are designed to perform a specific function and either made redundant when the product line stops or need to be reconstituted at great cost.

Although there are other machines which are flexible like the PLM, none of them machine its versatility or its sleek design. AGR Sales and Business Development Manager Lawrence Davie believes his firm have crafted the ?future of automation assembly.'

In a first for the industry, the PLM Modular Platform combines a stunning and unique design concept with cutting edge on-board software. This sleek white enclosed module measures over 4m in length, 2m width and 2m in height, weighing around 2300kg, and is made from stainless steel and aluminium.

Both versions employ a sophisticated interlocked guard system, which ensures maximum operator safety.