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Disinfection and Sanitisation of Lab and Processing Equipment

Oct 01 2009

Extending its range of product types, Alfa Wassermann Separation Technologies has introduced a revolutionary kit for rapid disinfection and sanitisation. Designed as a service to its pharmaceutical grade ultracentrifuge customers, the kit is also usable with a broad spectrum of instrumentation such as filling machines, filtration systems, lab centrifuges and incubators plus laboratory worktops and walls in clean areas.

AlfaSIP-50D is a highly effective disinfectant, sanitiser and virucide offering total protection of Disinfection/Sanitisation In-Place in a closed system. The disinfection/sanitisation time is just 5-10 minutes in a centrifuge with no heating or cooling cycle. It is easier to use than most other chemical disinfecting solutions and is not considered to be a contact sensitiser. Application amounts and quantities are smaller than those appropriate for many other disinfecting agents. AlfaSIP-50D is supplied in packs of 10 kits. One kit produces an active solution of chlorine dioxide gas dissolved in enough water to carry out 8 to 10 disinfection cycles on an Alfa Wassermann continuous flow ultracentrifuge. Once produced as directed, the solution remains at active strength for 15 days, ready for immediate use on-demand.

A package containing a membrane envelope is opened and the envelope is immersed in 50 litres of water. The solution is at full strength after ten hours. The concentration can be checked with easy-to-use, ‘dip-and-check’ test strips. Disinfection requires 10 minutes at 100 ppm. Afterwards, rinse-out is achieved rapidly with a small volume of water, and the absence of residual chlorine dioxide confirmed by use of test strips. The AlfaSIP-50D kit produces a >99% pure solution of chlorine dioxide in water. The patented, membrane-based micro-reactor envelope technology ensures that only pure chlorine dioxide gas is diffused into the water and equipment. The production system ensures that no free chlorine can be created.

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