• New, Easy and Cost Effective Innovation for Micro-organism Identification and Counting.

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New, Easy and Cost Effective Innovation for Micro-organism Identification and Counting.

Aug 28 2007

Compact Dry, from Anachem, is a new, convenient, easy to use and cost effective alternative to standard methods for microbial colony identification and counting. This innovation in dry film technology provides rapid confirmation of negative or positive results. It is ideal for use in the testing of raw materials or finished products in food, beverage, and cosmetic microbiology laboratories. Results obtained have an excellent correlation with conventional methods.

Quality of your results is fully assured with Compact Dry. The Total Count version is the first product to receive overall European MicroVal approval. This independent international study was made under the supervision of CCFRA and is according to the newest European Norm EN ISO 16140. All other Compact Dry systems are AOAC approved.

The system is available for a wide range of micro-organisms. Compact Dry TC (Total Count) Bacteria from red colonies, Compact Dry EC (E. coli and Coliforms) Bacteria from blue & red colonies, Compact Dry CF for Coliforms, Compact Dry YM for yeast and moulds, Compact Dry SA for Staphylococcus aureus, Compact Dry ETB for Enterobacteriacae, Compact Dry ETC for Enterococci in food & water, Compact Dry SL for Salmonella and Compact Dry VP for vibo parahaemolyticus. All methods when compared using regressional line data plotted against each other show a good correlation per samples tested.

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