• Modular Liquid Handling System Automates New Process for Nucleic Acid Extraction

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Modular Liquid Handling System Automates New Process for Nucleic Acid Extraction

Feb 28 2018

SmartExtraction from Analytik Jena offers a unique process for the purification and isolation of nucleic acids. At SLAS 2018, a fully-automated system solution for the SmartExtraction process was presented for the first time. Its core component is the modular CyBio® FeliX liquid handling system.

SmartExtraction, with its combination of the patented extraction chemistry (DC® technology) and a smart modified surface, enables the modelling of the entire extraction process within one pipette tip using simple pipetting steps. The advantages for the user are a significantly streamlined extraction workflow, increased processing efficiency, and a higher DNA yield. CyBio® FeliX combined with SmartExtraction povide a reliable way for high sample throughput in NA extraction. In this context, the fully automated pipetting system is part of an automation solution for the entire extraction workflow in the lab. Corresponding ready-to-use kits and specific device configurations, which are needed for nucleic acid extraction with CyBio® Felix, are calibrated to each other for high throughput and integrated into automated pipetting routines. Automation ensures high reproducibility of the pipetting results and increases processing efficiency significantly.

The pipetting platform is designed in such a way that it can be optimally integrated into existing systems and processes that are to be automated. The device with up to 384 channels and a volume range of 0.5 to 1,000 µl enables parallel transfer in 96 and 384-well format and pipetting with single channel, by column, or by row. Given the modular design of the device, customisation to lab requirements is possible. Application-specific configurations can be adjusted and expanded according to specific needs. The degree of automation makes it possible for the device to detect and change tips and pipetting tools independently within a pipetting routine. The pipetting heads are also easy to replace.

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