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Solutions to Monitor Food and Agricultural Compliance

Sep 06 2017

Food safety covers many aspects of the food chain - from point-of-origin to the nutritional value, the presence of pathogens, toxic metals and other biological contaminants to the elemental composition of animal feed, soil and fertilizer that affect animal and plant health. National and international directives help regulate the industry and define limits along the food chain from primary agricultural production to food processing and consumption. Analytik Jena offers various solutions to monitor compliance with these guidelines, including for example: 

  • Testing of soil and water quality 
  • Determination of nutrients and toxic elements in food and agriculture products 
  • Detection and identification of food pathogens, adulteration and cross-contamination

Please find an overview of the various solutions and specific applications download here

Food authenticity

Salmonella in your cheese or chocolate, horse meat instead of beef as labelled on the packaging, toxic arsenic in rice or high mercury levels in fish – food scandals and warnings from consumer authorities regularly grab our attention. The quality and safety of food we consume directly affects us all. And food safety covers many different facets of the industry. Not only confirming that food is free from pathogens and toxic substances, but also knowing more about its nutritional value and origin – does the product provide a sufficient supply of macro- and micronutrients and do they really contain what they claim on the packaging. And food safety also takes into consideration the health and welfare of livestock and crops through the quality control of animal feed, soil, and fertilizer.

Effective methods

A variety of analytical options are available to ensure quality control standards are maintained during the production of food products and to monitor compliance with regulatory requirements. Analytik Jena offers various solutions for a wide range of applications in food safety analysis. This includes a range of Analytical Instrumentation and Molecular Biology Technologies that allow for the determination of nutrients and toxic elements, the detection and identification of harmful pathogens, unethical adulteration and cross-contamination of food products.

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