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New advanced muffle furnace with microwave technology

Jan 19 2017

The Milestone PYRO from Analytix is a highly-efficient alternative to conventional muffle furnaces dramatically reducing ashing times from hours to minutes using microwave enhanced heating providing time savings up to 95%.

The system offers a huge range of potential applications, such as ashing, sulphated ashing, loss on ignition (LOI), dietary fibres, fusion, sintering, and all high-temperature reactions under controlled conditions. Safe sample preparation is ensured by removal of all odours and corrosive fumes through an integral exhaust whilst providing more comfortable working conditions by minimising heat loss and transfer to the laboratory.

The standard heating option provides high throughput with 24 samples handled simultaneously. The ultrafast heating option (shown) heats to 1,000°C in 8 minutes and is ideal when a fast result is required. Both options can be used in conjunction with Milestone UltraFAST crucibles that provide instant cooling of the crucible so a separate desiccator is not required. In addition, all crucible types can be used – metal, porcelain, and quartz fibre.

The sulphated ashing option enables analysts to add sulphuric acid to samples and place crucibles directly into the microwave muffle furnace without the need for the preliminary charring step. Sulphuric acid fumes released from crucibles during the process are continuously removed and neutralised by the system.

Even temperature distribution across the muffle eliminates cold spots and ensures reproducible ashing across all crucibles. The system provides auto-calculation of loss on ignition through interfacing with an analytical balance and can export the ashing profile in Excel or pdf format. The PYRO is controlled via a choice of two compact terminals with easy-to-read, bright, full-colour, touchscreen displays.

For further information, visit www.analytix.co.uk/microwave-systems/ or call +44 (0) 191 519 4504

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