• An era of on-site density measurement

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An era of on-site density measurement

Jun 13 2024

Anton Paar, the market leader in digital density meters, proudly presents DMA 35, a splash-proof portable density meter designed to simplify on-site density measurement. Requiring only 2 mL of sample, this advanced instrument delivers results within seconds, making it an ideal solution for various industries, including the chemical and petroleum sectors. The DMA 35 Ex and Ex Petrol is intrinsically safe, is ATEX- and IECEx-certified, and is perfect for measurements in hazardous locations.

Exceptional efficiency

The DMA 35 employs the oscillating U-tube principle, ensuring efficient and straightforward operation. With a built-in hand pump, it conducts measurements in less than a minute, including filling and cleaning. Encased in a rugged housing with a hard-glass front, it is built to withstand outdoor use. The instrument features a patented replaceable cartridge containing the measuring cell, allowing easy replacement in case of cell rupture.

Versatility in sample measurement

The DMA 35 is versatile, measuring a wide range of samples from fermenting beer and wine to petroleum samples, acids and bases. It displays results as density or concentration in various units such as °Brix, % v/v alcohol, or % w/w H2SO4. Product-specific parameters like °API for petroleum products are also supported. With automatic temperature compensation, the device eliminates the need for further calculations, reducing potential user errors. This makes it an ideal replacement for all glass hydrometers in your workplace.

Comprehensive data control

The integrated RFID interface of the DMA 35 identifies sample containers before measurement, minimising costs and valuable working time. This feature ensures that all measured data is accurately allocated to the correct sampling location. Additionally, the Bluetooth® interface allows operators to send stored results to a computer or printer wirelessly for seamless documentation.

Safety for hazardous locations

For hazardous locations, the DMA 35 offers two intrinsically safe versions (ATEX marking II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4 and IECEx marking: Ex ib IIB T4 Gb). The DMA 35 Ex is suitable for measuring flammable chemicals, while the DMA 35 Ex Petrol, with its special housing, is ideal for the petroleum industry. Both versions comply with IP 559 and ASTM D7777 standards, making them the safest options available for measurements in explosive atmospheres.

Robust design

The DMA 35 features a robust design with a colour display protected by a hard-glass front and extra rubber protection for the measuring cell. The instrument can be operated via capacitive keys and is suitable for left- and right-hand use. In a stable tabletop position, the screen automatically rotates. The built-in pump fills 2 mL of sample, determining density at the reference temperature of choice and correcting for viscosity influence automatically.

The DMA – always superior

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