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Combichem Beyond Belief

Aug 16 2007

Anton Paar introduces new accessories for its versatile microwave synthesis platform Synthos 3000 covering enhanced combinatorial chemistry as well as high-throughput applications.

The unique Rotor 4×48MC Well Plate utilizes sealable silicon carbide microtiter plates with a common 6×8 matrix. Silicon carbide ensures utmost temperature homogeneity and even allows efficient application of low-absorbing solvents. Moreover, the sophisticated sealing mechanism (patent pending) enables for the first time reactions to be performed in a common microtiter format at elevated conditions. Operation limits of 200 °C and 20 bar open up exceptional avenues for reaction screening and lead optimization.

Capable for 4 well plates, thus 192 reactions in parallel, this new rotor represents an effective tool for microwave-mediated combinatorial chemistry. Even usual work-up procedures can be performed as the well-plate assembly fits into autosamplers, Genevacs, freeze-driers and other laboratory equipment.

On the other hand, the high-throughput Rotor 64MG5 is specially designed for library generation of valuable targets in gram scale. Its reliable setup features 64 disposable glass vials arranged in 16 groups of four. Effective sealing with modified screw caps allows using the 5 mL standard vials for reaction conditions of 200 °C and 20 bar as well.
Both rotors enable troublefree processing of smallest sample quantities in a multimode cavity, thus being precious alternatives for initial steps in drug discovery.

With these new accessories Anton Paar extends its microwave synthesis platform Synthos 3000 towards the primary R&D disciplines, making it a valuable tool for both, academic and industrial research, especially in the field of pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry.

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