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Consistent product quality

Jun 14 2024

Anton Paar continues to lead the way in beverage production quality control with innovative solutions that ensure consistent product quality and consumer satisfaction. By utilising powerful multiparameter measurement systems, Anton Paar enables precise and reliable tracking of key quality parameters throughout production and after bottling. These superior measurement systems are crucial for safeguarding the taste, appearance, shelf life and overall quality of beverages, from soft drinks to beer.

Ensuring consistency in soft drinks

Quality control is vital for soft drinks to maintain their refreshing and effervescent character, no matter where or when they are consumed. Anton Paar's multiparameter systems offer traceable and fast measurements of key quality parameters such as density sugar concentration and CO2 concentration. These ensure that the composition of soft drinks remains consistent across different production plants and countries.

Minimising oxygen content in soft drinks is essential to prevent oxidation, which can deteriorate flavour, colour, and shelf life. The TPO 5000 Total Package Oxygen meter from Anton Paar measures both headspace oxygen (HSO) and dissolved oxygen (DO), providing a comprehensive assessment of oxygen levels in the final product. This helps in identifying oxygen entry points during production, such as process water, syrup mixing, and filling, ensuring minimal oxygen content and optimal product quality.

Optimising beer quality

Beer production demands meticulous quality control to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain the unique taste of each brew. Anton Paar’s Packaged Beer Measurement System, combined with the Total Package Oxygen meter, accurately measures critical parameters. During fermentation, yeast converts sugar into alcohol and CO2, contributing to the beer’s taste and mouthfeel.

Oxygen control is essential in beer production, especially in canned products where high O2 levels can lead to flavour changes and reduced shelf life. The TPO 5000 Total Package Oxygen meter plays a key role in monitoring, and identifying O2 pickup during critical filling processes, ensuring the longevity and quality of the beer.

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