• The preparation of environmental samples in environmental chemistry

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The preparation of environmental samples in environmental chemistry

Jun 12 2024

Routine digestion and leaching of environmental samples, like soil, sediments, sludge, fly ash, etc., are among the most-used applications in environmental chemistry for the preparation of samples for element analysis.

Anton Paar’s Multiwave systems adhere to the most stringent requirements, including those published by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which provides an official compendium of approved analytical and sampling methods. The accuracy of these methods depends on precise replication of the defined reaction conditions (chemistry and temperature profiles). Anton Paar offers a broad range of instruments that fit the specific requirements of our customers.

Anton Paar’s rotor-based instruments, Multiwave 5000 and Multiwave GO Plus, feature an innovative SmartVent vessel technology that sets an  industry benchmark of precision. This venting technology in our HVT vessels is used to effectively release reaction gases at controlled pressures, enhancing the robustness of the sample preparation method. The design ensures consistent and reliable results, even with complex environmental samples, which is essential for laboratories requiring efficient and accurate analysis of environmental samples.

Multiwave 5000 and Multiwave GO Plus provide preinstalled generic methods that simplify the work needed for method development. Routine testing methods like EPA 3015A, EPA 3051A or EPA 3052 are preinstalled and simplify the overall workflow in laboratories. The Multiwave instruments facilitate fast methods for higher sample amounts (1 g to 3 g) too.

High throughput and built-in EPA methods

Multiwave 5000 and Multiwave GO Plus provide a comprehensive methods library, including EPA methods, that is already installed (e.g. EPA 3015A, 3051A, 3052). Precise IR-temperature measurements on all vessel positions show any vessel-to-vessel deviation in temperature. Multiwave 5000 also provides full documentation of each single sample for GLP compliance.

According to the needs of environmental laboratories, a comprehensive range of different rotor types allows users to adjust to the required throughput and quantity of samples. Depending on the configuration selected, customers can maximise their throughput with rotors of up to 41 samples, or optimise the sample quantity with vessels of up to 100 ml total volume.

Reliable performance in environmental sample preparation

Mercury and arsenic are difficult elements to be routinely determined in different samples (e.g. fly ashes) because of the potential losses of volatile elements. Reliable leaching for mercury, arsenic and other environmentally-relevant elements can be achieved with the pressure-activated venting vessels of the different HVT rotors of Multiwave GO Plus and Multiwave 5000. The same quality results can also be achieved using a hermetically sealed high-pressure vessel, resulting in complete recoveries of volatile elements like mercury and arsenic and all studied elements like Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, and Zn.

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