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Improved Multichannel Verification System

Aug 04 2010

Artel has unveiled several significant enhancements to the MVS® (Multichannel Verification System), that provide additional capabilities for understanding the performance of automated liquid handlers.

The Artel MVS now generates measurements traceable to national and international standards of volumes dispensed to each well in a 384-well plate. Based on ratiometric photometry, which measures light absorption by two specially formulated dyes to verify delivered volumes, the Artel MVS is well-known for its effectiveness and has become the industry standard for liquid handling quality assurance. Standardisation, improved data management, and speed are at the core of the latest MVS enhancements. With the MVS update, users of 96- or 384-well plates will be able to compare liquid handler performance from site-tosite and from instrument-to-instrument.

For easier data management, the Artel MVS can now evaluate 16- and 24-channel pipettors, as well as pipettors with 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 96, and 384 channels. In addition, users of 8-channel dispensers can now employ the Artel MVS to perform accurate volume readings with additional dispense pattern options, so that their verification processes mimic actual operations. Busy laboratories will also benefit from the increased speed of the Artel MVS without sacrificing accuracy and precision.

Now equipped with an 8-channel plate reader, the Artel MVS can read a 384-well microtiter plate four times faster than before, in just one minute. The latest enhancements to the Artel MVS also include changes to the system’s calibrator plate for more robust calibration of the MVS.

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