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2-Plate ELISA Processing System

May 16 2019

Aspect Scientific specialises in ELISA Automation and offer a range of instrumentation, including the Dynex DS2, capable of automating almost any ELISA assay.

The DS2 is a fully automated ELISA Processor with full walkaway capability, yet is easy to use and compact. Capable of quickly and easily processing two 96-well microplates and up to 12 different assays simultaneously. The ingenious space saving design incorporates extensive functionality in a minimal footprint.

Flexible, fast, open, precise, convenient and reliable instrumentation coupled with our comprehensive Technical Support, Service and Training.

The Dynex DS2® delivers sample-in/results-out complete automation of microplate assays:

  • Sample pipetting and dilution
  • Automatic barcode scanning
  • Microplate incubation, shaking and washing
  • Reagent dilution and dispensing
  • Absorbance reading with automatic results interpretation and quality control
  • Bi-directional LIS connectivity

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