• Biotechnology: Thin Collagen Gel Membrane for 3d Cell Culture

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Biotechnology: Thin Collagen Gel Membrane for 3d Cell Culture

Feb 14 2006

Barloworld Scientific have extended their Iwaki® branded tissue culture range with a novel scaffold for three dimensional cell cultures.

The new Iwaki® thin gel membrane comprises a uniform, 20-µm transparent collagen membrane attached to a nylon ring to maintain structure. Excellent permeability enables observation of indirect cell-cell interactions across the membrane and the enhanced gel strength enables easy handling. It solves the turbidity and softness problems often associated with traditional collagen gels, enabling anchorage-dependent cells to be cultured on both sides of the membrane.

The Iwaki® thin collagen cell membrane is particularly suitable for study of stem cells, gap junctions, cell-cell communication and immune system infiltration.

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