• New, Timely Solution for High-throughput RNA Extraction from Viral Samples Introduced

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New, Timely Solution for High-throughput RNA Extraction from Viral Samples Introduced

Jul 10 2020

If your lab is currently performing real-time PCR assays for viruses, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is here to help during this time of increased need.

This week, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences officially introduced RNAdvance Viral XP, a new RNA extraction kit validated for use in infectious disease and pathogen research. The kit is now available for purchase and the company has the inventory to ship worldwide.

The Beckman Coulter Life Sciences team worked with iRepertoire in Huntsville, Alabama to develop the reagent kit’s method. iRepertoire then independently validated the method, and both parties were pleased with the results.

“We performed more than 100 RNA extractions and more than 500 qPCR reactions during a three-day period to validate RNAdvance Viral XP,” said Miranda L. Byrne-Steele, PhD, Director of Operations and R&D, iRepertoire. “The results clearly demonstrate this new solution from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is a viable alternative to help alleviate a critical shortage in the RNA extraction kit supply chain.”

RNAdvance Viral XP improves the much-needed availability of extraction solutions for laboratories like yours performing timely and critical research. The Beckman Coulter Life Sciences team has built a robust supply chain, scaled production and increased field team capabilities to maintain product availability and provide timely support.

We’re all in this together. Let Beckman Coulter Life Sciences know how they can help you.

Purchase or learn more about the new viral RNA extraction kit.

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