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Clear Pipette Tips Promote Sample Visibility

May 18 2009

Beckman Coulter, Inc has introduced new pipette tips made with an ultra-clear resin to heighten sample visibility. They are designed for use on the company’s Biomek® liquid handling platforms. Multichannel tips are packaged in new cases that simplify handling and storage and facilitate recycling. Biomek Tips are designed exclusively for, and validated for use on, Biomek liquid handlers. Overall, 31 Biomek Tips will be made with the new clear resin. Available in maximum volumes ranging from 20 to 1000 μL, the non-conductive tips are certified to be free of RNase/DNase and are offered in sterile, sterile-with-barrier and non-sterile versions. Clear Biomek Tips contain no radiation-blocking resin additives and are processed using efficient and effective ethylene oxide sterilisation. All Biomek Tips are available online and through sales representatives.

The newly designed multichannel tip case, which can be completely recycled, is easy-to-open, easy-to-close, printed with biodegradable dyes and made using 30% less source materials. The packaging is easily flattened, further promoting recycling efforts. A 35% reduction in size reduces storage requirements and materials usage, resulting in a product that is economically and environmentally efficient to ship. Each newly designed multichannel tip case holds 10 racks of AP96 or AP384 tips for use with Biomek 3000 tools or with the 96- or 384-multichannel heads used on Biomek FXP and Biomek NXP liquid handlers. Part numbers for the Biomek tips are unaffected. The tips continue to support the published pipetting performance guidelines. Biomek users are not required to make any changes to their pipetting protocols in order to use the clear tips.

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