• Double Capacity of IgY Proteome Enrichment Chemistry for Biomarker Discovery

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Double Capacity of IgY Proteome Enrichment Chemistry for Biomarker Discovery

Mar 13 2006

Beckman Coulter announces second-generation ProteomeLab? IgY-12 Partitioning Chemistries that dramatically increase the throughput capacity of its columns. Each column can now partition twice as much plasma or serum per cycle as the original version from 20 to 250 uL per cycle. The capacity of the ProteomeLab IgY-HSA spin columns has also been doubled to 40uL plasma or serum per cycle.
Based on avian-generated antibodies bound to inert microbeads, ProteomeLab IgY-12 liquid chromatography and spin columns selectively partition 12 highly abundant proteins - up to 96 per cent of the protein mass - from human/primate serum or plasma.

Beckman Coulter IgY chemistries offer cleaner capture and broader antigen-binding host range than other capture methods because of the evolutionary distance between chickens and mammals.
"With this advance in column chemistry, we continue to provide the best first step in the biomarker discovery process, increasing its value to the researcher," explained Jerry Feitelson, Ph.D., Manager of Beckman Coulter's Proteomics Business Centre. "Our technology cleanly captures the greatest number of highly abundant proteins with the best available throughput."

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