• New Cd85d (ilt4)-pe Ruo Monoclonal Antibody Identifies Tolerogenic Cells

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New Cd85d (ilt4)-pe Ruo Monoclonal Antibody Identifies Tolerogenic Cells

Jun 16 2006

Beckman Coulter introduces IOTest® CD85d-(ILT4)-PE conjugated monoclonal antibody. ILT4 is selectively expressed on myelomonocytic cells and binds to classical and nonclassical human leucocyte antigen (HLA) class I molecules. ILT4 is believed to play a number of roles in cellular function, including the modulation of APC functions (e.g. antigen uptake, migration and cytokine production), control of inflammatory response and maternal tolerance against the foetal semi-allograft. CD85d-PE is offered exclusively by Beckman Coulter and completes the company's list of clones against immunoglobulin (Ig)-like transcripts.

The new CD85d-PE antibody is useful in basic research on leucocyte function, dendritic cells, immunosuppression, tolerogenicity and maternofoetal tolerance. Its ability to identify tolerogenic cells makes the new antibody particularly valuable for transplant and cancer research. It is also applicable in clinical research on autoimmunity. CD85d-PE delivers advantages over other antibodies in applications where control of tolerogenicity is important.

"We are excited to increase our offerings in ILT markers," commented Michel Pagniez, Cellular Analysis Product Manager for Beckman Coulter. "The biology of these types of cells is critical to driving immune response."

The preformulated, standardised IOTest CD85d-PE monoclonal antibody is provided in 100-test vials. Beckman Coulter offers a number of reagents, controls and markers that can be used with this new antibody. CD85d-PE is approved for research use only.

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