• New Monoclonal Antibody Expands Study of Dendritic Cell Functions

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New Monoclonal Antibody Expands Study of Dendritic Cell Functions

Nov 07 2006

Beckman Coulter, Inc. introduces the IOTest® Anti-OSCAR-PE conjugated monoclonal antibody. In humans, the OSCAR antigen is expressed on osteoclasts, which are involved in bone development and remodeling, and on myeloid dendritic cells, among others. OSCAR is the first FcR?-associated molecule described on human myeloid dendritic cells. It is an activating molecule involved in antigen capture and presentation that may modulate the response of both innate and adaptive immunity. With the new Anti-OSCAR-PE Monoclonal Antibody, researchers can tag a new antigen that is thought to be implicated in the tolerogenic function of dendritic cells.

Beckman Coulter is the leader in dendritic cell (DC) reagents, and the new anti-OSCAR-PE antibody completes the company's extensive line of DC markers. This directly conjugated monoclonal antibody, coupled with other markers, is useful in identifying the expression/ regulation of new antigens on dendritic cells by flow cytometry.

"If the induction of tolerance by dendritic cells is well known, especially when they process self antigens, study of the molecular basis behind this phenomenon may help to understand its deregulation in cancers and autoimmune diseases," commented Michel Pagniez, cellular analysis product manager for Beckman Coulter.

The preformulated, standardized IOTest Anti-OSCAR-PE monoclonal antibody is provided in 100-test vials. Beckman Coulter offers a number of reagents, controls and markers that can be used with this new antibody. Anti-OSCAR-PE is approved for research use only.

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