• New Snpstart Kit Multiplexes 10 Snps in a Single Tube

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New Snpstart Kit Multiplexes 10 Snps in a Single Tube

Apr 02 2006

Beckman Coulter, Inc. introduces the GenomeLab? SNPStart primer extension Kit for simplified single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection on the company's CEQ? 8000 Series Genetic Analysis System. Based on single-based primer extension technology, SNPStart is validated and optimized for multiplexing up to 10 SNPs in a single tube. Ideal for low- to medium-throughput applications, this new kit provides a fast alternative to one-at-a-time four-color SNP detection. Updated software to support the new kit is also available.

The single-based primer extension technology eliminates secondary steps such as ligation and enzymatic cleavage, for further simplicity and time savings. The SNPStart kit contains a master mix with four labelled terminators and the necessary enzyme and buffers.

"Our proprietary single-based primer extension technology has become the ?gold standard' in SNP analysis and is already well-proven on our high-throughput GenomeLab SNPStream® system," commented Noreen Galvin, GenomeLab Business Manager for Beckman Coulter. "This new kit brings that technology to lower throughput applications, for greater accuracy along with substantial time and cost savings."
Beckman Coulter's CEQ 8000 Series Genetic Analysis System provides automated sequencing, SNP detection and scoring, fragment sizing, allele identification, amplified fragment length polymorphism fingerprinting and heterozygote detection. GenomeLab is a family of

genetic analysis tools from Beckman Coulter that innovate, simplify and automate genomics processes to enable identification of new markers of biological, diagnostic and therapeutic interest.

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